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Our Sirius Endoscope is a fully integrated compact 3D laparoscopic camera system with flexible tip that can change its viewing direction.

This can help surgeons perform their surgery better, especially for advanced laparoscopic procedures and Natural Orifice Surgery.

Our HK Site is certified ISO13485 and the system is proudly awarded:

  • 2021 Geneva Inventions Gold Medal (Gold w/ Congratulations from the Jury)
  • 2021 Red Dot Design Award

Superior Dexterity

Enjoy much higher dexterity and deflectability than competing models on the market.

Innovative S-bend capability open up possibility for single-port surgery.

One-touch 3D visualisation

Switch between 2D and 3D with a touch of the buttton.

Enjoy enhanced depth perception like never before.

Guaranteed Cross-contamination Free

Our single-use concept ensures there will be no cross-contamination resulted from unthoroughly reprocessed laparoscopes. Costs for both patients and healthcare providers can be reduced considerably by having fewer complications and saving the need for reprocessing.

Designed for Simplicity

User-oriented joystick controller and touchscreen for instinctive control. Shortens the learning curve for surgeons and saves cost.