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The next generation robotic endoscope system

SIRIUS Robotic Flexible Endoscopic System is a fully integrated compact 3D laparoscopic camera system with a flexible tip that can change its viewing direction.


Superior dexterity

This flexibility and wider field of view can potentially help laparoscopic surgeons perform their surgery better, especially for advanced laparoscopic procedures and Natural Orifice Surgery.


Innovative S-bend

Innovative S-bend opens possibility for single-port surgery. Enjoy smoother operations with less constraints.



One-touch 3D visualization

Switch between 2D and 3D with a touch of the button. Enjoy enhanced depth perception like never before.


Enhance Efficiency for Surgical Procedures

The single-use disposable laparoscope head ensures sterility and no downtime for sterilisation between cases.


Designed for Simplicity

User-oriented joystick controller and touchscreen for instinctive control. Flattens the learning curve for surgeons and saves cost.